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Chin implants are used to create a more aesthetic balance to the facial profile. The chin and nose directly affect each other, and either one can cause the other to look disproportionate. A chin implant helps to define the jaw line and to create a greater distinction between the chin and the neck. Often, a chin implant may be placed in conjunction with other facial procedures, such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery) or liposuction of the neck. Chin implants can increase facial harmony and boost self-confidence in people who feel they have a weak or under-projected chin.

Chin implant surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. The incision may be made under the chin or inside of the mouth, and the implant will be placed directly on the original chin bone. Any scarring will be hidden. The procedure itself takes approximately 1-2 hours. The chin implant size and shape will vary based on each patient’s individual anatomy and goals. Sutures placed on the skin will be removed in 5 to 7 days, while intraoral (inside the mouth) sutures will dissolve on their own.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks. Dr. Hsu will go over these risks with you. There may be dietary and activity restrictions following your procedure that you will need to follow while you heal to ensure a safe recovery. It is normal to have some bruising around the chin and neck, to have temporary difficulty smiling and talking, and to experience slight swelling and discomfort around your face while you heal.

Your results will continue to evolve for several weeks and even months as you continue to heal. In most cases, the improvement is subtle but substantial, meaning others may not be able to pinpoint the change, but instead will be able to note an improved overall facial balance.

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