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Sometimes, dieting and exercising alone aren't enough to reduce your body fat, and it is difficult to target specific areas for fat loss. At Best Impression Cosmetic Surgery in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, plastic surgeon Vivian Hsu, MD, performs liposuction to remove fat from areas you choose to treat. To learn more about liposuction and how to target areas of fat that are hard to reduce on your own, call Best Impression Cosmetic Surgery, or book a consultation online today.

Liposuction Q & A

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical body contouring procedure used to remove fat from specific areas of your body. Through liposuction, Dr. Hsu is able to reshape the contours of your body. Liposuction is commonly used by patients who are at or close to their goal weight and have focal areas of fat that have not changed despite regular diet and exercise. 

At Best Impression Cosmetic Surgery’s private surgery center, Dr. Hsu performs liposuction safely and with the use of anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Your results can be both subtle enough to look natural and significant enough to change your figure. 

Which areas can I target with liposuction?

Dr. Hsu uses liposuction to treat focal fat deposits that have not changed with diet and exercise. Common areas that are targeted include:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Flanks
  • Upper Back
  • Upper Arms
  • Chin/Neck
  • Knees
  • Inner Thighs/Outer Thighs

Which liposuction technique is right for me?

At Best Impression Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Hsu uses a combination of liposuction techniques to attain the smoothest contour possible while reducing the areas of fat that you would like her to treat. At your initial examination and consultation, she can describe for you in detail the techniques she will use to achieve your goals.

Power-assisted liposuction

During power-assisted liposuction, Dr. Hsu uses a small tube called a cannula that moves back and forth rapidly to break up the fat before suctioning it out. This type of liposuction causes less pain and swelling, and allows for the smoothest results.

Tumescent liposuction

During tumescent liposuction, Dr. Hsu infiltrates tumescent solution, which is a saline solution mixed with lidocaine (an anesthetic) and epinephrine (a blood vessel constrictor), beneath your skin in the targeted area. She then inserts a cannula beneath your skin to suction out the fat cells.


What is recovery like?

Most patients resume regular activity at about 7-10 days after having liposuction. You will plan to wear compression garments to minimize the amount of swelling you experience and help to maintain smooth contours as you heal. You can also use liposuction in conjunction with other surgeries at Best Impression Cosmetic Surgery, including breast procedures and tummy tucks. 

To learn more about liposuction and find out if you are a good candidate, call Best Impression Cosmetic Surgery, or book an appointment online today.